Tuesday, November 3, 2009

wax on, wax off


A special thanks to these two for letting me use one of their cars for a couple days and helping me get to and from my conference while I was in Denver.  I got to hang out with them quite a bit during our visit since they are living with my parents right now, but not for long because they just bought a house!  Congrats Milan & Rachael!

During much of the time we were hanging out, they were immersing me further and further into my new obsession.  They taught me a game called Bohnanza and we played it almost every single night I was there.  Now I’m in withdrawal since I haven’t played in 10 days! 


I was skeptical at first—a game where you’re a bean farmer?  WHAT?  After playing once, I was hooked.  It really is a fabulous little game.  When I went to look for it on Amazon, I noticed that it got five stars!  It’s not that often that you see a five star rating on something with 40 reviews!  It’s fun watching how different people play the game, based on their individual strategies and negotiation styles.  And I love that there are very few rules when it comes to the trading and negotiation—my brother Milan’s been playing for years and Patrick and I introduced him to some strategies he’d never thought of before!  Watch out—the game will never be the same!

(If you don’t understand the title of this post, well, then I guess you’re just gonna have to go get the game!)


Katy said...

We LOVE this game. Happy to know others spend endless time begging for stink beans.

Melanie said...

Ah, the Wax Bean... that little bugger.

Yes, we love Bohnanza. Tyler tried teaching it to my family years ago and we didn't really have time to get into it. Aaron more recently introduced it to us and I have to say, I crave playing it sometimes.

Aren't beans a magical fruit?

The Dahle Family said...

So Mer, have you broken down yet or are you waiting to see if "someone" gives it to you for Christmas?