Monday, December 21, 2009

just a couple more Christmas activities

I really did plan on doing our own gingerbread houses this year, but as Christmas got closer and closer, I realized it just might not happen.  (Still not sure how my supermom sister with SIX kids manages to make her gingerbread houses from scratch with her kids every year!)  So when I saw that the library was doing a gingerbread house party, we signed up!

Kendall and Berkeley were both very meticulous about the placement of each candy.  (Notice Berkeley’s concentration!)

IMG_0910 IMG_0911

And here’s what Emery was doing almost the entire time:


Later that night, some of our neighbors hosted a “Live Nativity Party.”  Their seven year old son built a stable and a manger and their family borrowed a bunch of costumes and props from their church.  Then all the kids who came to the party acted out the story of Jesus’ birth three separate times so that the kids could have a chance to act out a few different parts and so the neighborhood audience could sit and watch for a while.

In the first performance, Kendall was Mary and Berkeley was a sheep.




In the second performance, Berkeley got to be Mary and Kendall was an angel.

IMG_0953   IMG_0959


It was so much fun watching the girls get into each of their roles.  I was excited that my neighbors had such a unique idea for a Christmas party—everyone had a great time and it helped us all to keep focused on the meaning of the season.  Kendall & Berkeley wanted to stay for the third performance, but it was just barely above 30 degrees outside that night and my toes were going numb so I dragged them home! 

*Sorry about the bad pictures, but it was pitch black outside and the lighting wasn’t the best!

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