Sunday, January 10, 2010

belated gift

Have you ever bought a present so far in advance and/or hid it so well that you completely forgot about it?  I was in the attic of our garage a couple days ago and found this present that I had bought for Emery months ago and stashed away so that no one would see it.  Keep in mind, this was going to be her BIG present from Santa, and a few days before Christmas, I started scrambling cuz I couldn’t figure out what her big Santa gift was going to be and never once remembered that I ALREADY HAD IT!


Her birthday’s not till July, and I really didn’t want to wait that long to give it to her since I knew how much she’d love being pulled around in it.  So, I just put it together and told the girls I found a present we’d forgotten about.  It was Christmas all over again!  (Oh, and speaking of Christmas, I did finally get all our decorations put away.  The girls loved keeping them up for a little while and Patrick wasn’t pressuring me to get rid of them either, so I was waiting to feel like I was ready to let everything go.  Yesterday, I finally got that feeling!  Once it was all boxed up, I couldn’t stop.  Now the switch has been flipped and I’m in super purge and organization mode—feels good!)


Erin said...

yes, i have totally done that! but not with something so big. that takes special talent! :)

that wagon looks really fun. i totally want one so my kids can drag me around the neighborhood. hehe.

Karen said...

Oh Meredith, look at those beautiful little girls. I can totally imagine you in ten years with a houseful of teenagers and hormones. You will love it, I promise, but keep enjoying these days 'cuz you'll never get them back. I hope our paths will cross before you have teenagers and I have grandchildren!!!

And thanks for the tip about live writer. I will check it out.

Nicole said...

We forgot one of Zach's gifts this year. His birthday isn't until June but I decided to save it until then. Hopefully we don't forget again.

Steve said...

That was a family tradition at the Boivies. Almost every year in February or March, Mom would come out of some room and hand us something and say: "Here, this was supposed to be for Christmas, but I forgot where I hid it."

Although I must admit it was partially our fault. We were notoriously sneaky kids who would search for the presents, so my mom would have to find really sneaky hiding places.

Megs said...

People loves presents no matter when you get them. Glad they are loving it!!

Mags [Margaret] said...

Very funny story and great picture of the girls! Love from Atlanta!