Saturday, January 9, 2010

party like it’s 2009

I think it’s safe to say that last week, Patrick and I had one of the BEST New Year’s Eves in the ten years we’ve been married.  Just for kicks, let’s go back ten years to our very first New Year’s Eve as husband and wife-- just 13 days after we were married.


I know I look happy in that picture, but don’t be fooled by the fake smile.  I was in QUITE a bit of pain and Patrick was trying to distract me from my misery and thoughts that the world might come to an end (remember all of THAT nonsense?) by making a funny little cake for us.  The first day of 2000 we spent in the emergency room where I found out I had a hearty kidney infection!  Happy new millennium to me!

Every New Year’s Eve since then has been fine, but nothing really worth writing about, and since Patrick isn’t much of a night owl, there were many nights where I watched the ball drop all by myself.  This New Year’s Eve set a new standard for “post-single days” celebrations (you’re not allowed to compare to the parties when you were single).

Patrick and I have some great friends that we have known since we were newly married and living in Provo, Utah, while Patrick was finishing up his masters and I was bringin’ home the bacon.  Over the past 10 years, all of us have moved several times, but we all now live on the East coast.  The stars aligned for NYE 2009, and there were four of us couples who all happened to be in the same city, so we all got to spend the evening together, along with a few other couples (some who we knew and some who we didn’t but got to know that evening) and all of our kids (I think there were about 25).  It was crazy, chaotic, loud, and SO MUCH FUN.  Even Patrick, who was up WAY past his bedtime, had a blast.  We put Emery to bed at her normal bedtime, but for the first time, we let K & B stay up until midnight.  I think they thought that was pretty cool.  For the majority of the evening, all the kids ran wild down in the basement, while us adults hung out one floor above them, playing Tetris, Guitar Hero, and Rockband.  At one point, we were all serenaded by a famous musician from the UK named Dakota Crush—you haven’t heard of him?


I don’t think he realized how popular he is over here in the States.  Where’s Security when you need them!


Do you have any idea how loud it is when this many kids are blowing horns for about ten minutes straight?


A party ain’t a party if someone doesn’t come home with a black eye, right?  This picture doesn’t even do it justice, and even over a week later, she’s STILL sportin’ the shiner!


I did NOT come home with a black eye, however, I did discover my love for workin’ the drums in Rockband!

Another big thanks to the Dubs for hosting that many people all at once and for helping us give the old decade a proper send-off!  It was WELL worth the trip up there!


Erin said...

i was wondering about Kendalls eye. What happened??

looks like a very fun NYE, the 2009 one of course! Ours was similar (games, rockband) but we made the kids go to bed at 9 pm. hehehe.

Erin said...
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Annie said...

so fun to relive this through your photos!! it was a blast - i will go ahead and compare it to MY singles NYEs and say it's still up there pretty high! can't wait to see you guys again soon!

Annie said...

i forgot to comment about you on the drums!! for anyone reading this, mer is an AMAZING drummer! i need to send you the photos i have of you rockin' out with a huge grin on your face!

The Dahle Family said...

I'm glad you all had such a blast. I bet Kendall and Berk felt pretty grown up to be in on the party the whole night! But what in the world happened to her eye?

merathon said...

oh, yes, the EYE-- well, kendall was running through our friends' house and slipped and just happened to fall and hit the side of her head on the corner of a piece of molding. she had a huge goose egg right next to her eye within a few seconds of her little crash, but some ice helped the swelling quite a bit. we didn't realize it would turn into a full-on black eye a couple days later! we were lucky she didn't smack her head just an inch further to her right or it would have been right on her eyeball!

Dana said...

Poor Kendall! Now you have to start hosting Rock Band Parties like we do. It really is a lot of fun for the adults and kids.

Dana said...

Poor Kendall! Now you have to start hosting Rock Band Parties like we do. It really is a lot of fun for the adults and kids.

Marliese said...

I love these kind of parties! We used to have a fun group of best friends like this--where the parents have a blast and the kids all run around and have a blast...

And also similarly, there would be bumps and bruises and tears at some point in the night. But usually it was from kids colliding or rough-housing. Glad Kendall didn't get into a fight. Poor girl.

And Rockband is sweet, eh? I've just tried it once, little conservative me, and I'm a fan.