Wednesday, January 20, 2010

black is the new brass

Since we moved into our house 3 1/2 years ago, we’ve little by little been erasing some of the things in our house that the 70’s left behind.  Almost all of the light fixtures, bathroom hardware, cabinet knobs & pulls, faucets, countertops, windows, and kitchen floor have said goodbye as we welcomed in their updated replacements.  But there were still sixteen things that were staring at me every single day, reminding me that 1972 still had a grip on this house—the doorknobs.

For one of my Christmas presents, Patrick told me I could pick out new doorknobs.  I knew exactly what I wanted.  I like the plain and simple shape, which is called “the mushroom.” 

Not the lever:


Not the egg:


Not the sphere:


But the mushroom:


I knew I wanted a matte black finish, but I kept finding that shape in oil-rubbed bronze (as seen above), which was close, but I didn’t want that little hint of bronze that shows through.  I finally found exactly what I was looking for, and at a fabulous price to boot!

And so we went from this:


To this:


And from this:


To this:


Is it weird that I can’t stop looking at them?


As anyone who has attempted home projects knows, once you do one small project, you become very aware of other projects that need to be done.  Now that our doorknobs are fresh and free of scratches, paint and BRASS, it is extremely apparent how badly all of our doors and doorframes need to be sanded and repainted.  I’ve already started.  And don’t worry— I am removing the hardware before repainting, unlike the previous owners!


Sarah said...

Those are gorgeous! I hadn't even thought to update our doorknobs, but that does make a huge difference. I love the mushroom.

Melinda said...

Oh wow- I cannot believe what a difference those knobs make!!! They are beautiful!!!!

Tracy said...

I am dying to do the same thing in our house, circa 1996! So not just a 70's thing. We've made so many changes and updates to what the house was when we bought it, but this item hasn't made it to the top of the list yet. Hooray for you--I'd be staring at them too. :) Everything I've seen via blog pictures about your house looks great btw.

The Dahle Family said...

Go get 'em, Meredith! Sanding and repainting--wow!

Cecily said...

They do make such a difference, and such a statement. So where'd you get them for a fabulous price?

merathon said...

cecily-- click on the link "exactly what i was looking for."

everyone-- i guess i should have mentioned how much they cost: $189.66 total (including the tax and shipping). if you purchase from this website, make sure you take advantage of the 5% off code that you get if you sign up for their newsletter. for a home improvement project with this much impact and under $200, i think that's a pretty good deal!

Kristina said...

looks awesome! I've been wanting to do the same thing. I would've chosen the same knobs. Great pick! :)

Marliese said...

Mer, you are always so sure of yourself with your decisions. If I were to choose doorknobs, I wouldn't know "exactly what I was looking for."

They look awesome!