Wednesday, January 27, 2010

check me out!

I’m not great at this kind of stuff, but I just created a new blog header for my vegetarian recipe blog to spice things up a little.  Check it out and tell me what you think!

And yes, I’m aware that no new recipes have been posted since Thanksgiving.  For the past couple months, I’ve been cooking my tried and true recipes instead of trying anything new.  Seems like the eight other people who post on that blog with me must be doing the same thing!  Let’s all try to get back in there, people!  I know there are some new recipes you’ve been dying to try, so share them with us as soon as you DO!

It might help if you have some cute kitchen helpers like these:



Mags [Margaret] said...

vegetarianation looks GREAT! Way to change it up :) The mushroom stuffing sound amazing!

Jenn-Lee said...

It looks so awesome!!! I love it. Good job. Curious,..what program did you use to make it? You did such a great job. Can't wait to see new recipes added and i also cannot wait to start trying some more out.