Tuesday, January 5, 2010

it’s still looking a lot like Christmas. . .

. . . not everywhere you go, but at least around OUR house!

-- still listening to Christmas CDs

-- still lighting up the tree every night

-- still welcoming visitors with the shiny wreath I made (got the idea here)


-- still working on the box of See’s Chocolates (and chocolate covered edamame, chocolate covered pomegranate. . .)

-- still singing Christmas songs at Family Home Evening

-- still playing with the kids’ nativity (yes, our nativity came with a lion—didn’t yours?)

Picture 013

-- still enjoying the “hands-off” nativity

Picture 009

-- still begging for “a Christmas treat” after dinner each night

-- still using the gingerbread houses as our dining table centerpiece

-- still getting Christmas cards in the mail (and haven’t even gotten ours ready to send out yet!)

-- still watching Christmas movies (K & B watched Home Alone for the first time ever on Saturday—I bet our neighbors could hear the laughter coming from our house!)

Obviously, we’re in denial.  I still can’t believe the season is officially over, which is why we’re still keeping it alive a little longer.  If you come over to my house in a few weeks and our tree is still up, don’t be surprised. . .


Karey said...

I feel the same way! It's just not time to let go yet!

Erin said...

i love the wreath. I was wanting to make one but went with the evergreen instead (i figured it would look better with my bright yellow door).

i took down all the christmas stuff last night. now i am working on cleaning and organizing. i am so excited to have my uncluttered home back!

jan said...

I just caught up on all the blog posts today. I loved everything! Your wreath is beautiful, the girls are darling, and I love your neighbors for planning such a sweet Christmas celebration for everyone. Looks like you had a great holiday. And it isn't over until you say it's over!

Sarah said...

That's a really cute wreath! Don't worry, I still have mine hanging up too. And if I had been better at watering our tree, I'm sure I would still have that up too. I used to think hte Christmas season was so long, but now it's not nearly long enough!
That's sad about your door! Nothing quite like the harsh elements to push you to get a needed project done.

Maren said...

I was in denial until we had to get out the door to school this morning. Oh that was rough.

The Dahle Family said...

Chocolate covered edamame? Seriously?

Mirien said...

Are you sure we're related? I'd pack everything away the day after Christmas but the kids protest so I leave it up until New Year's Day--no later! Although our outside lights are still there--can't take those down until the snow melts, but we don't turn them on anymore. I love Christmas, but I'm always ready to move on and get everything back in order.

BTW--I love that wreath!

McInnes Family said...

So true! It always seems like Christmas time for a month or so after. It's too hard to say it's over :) Plus, then the boring part comes. It's no fun putting the decorations away and actually having to clean your house!
Glad you guys had a fun holiday season.

Mindy said...

hope i'm still on your christmas card list--i was beginning to wonder...

love the wreath.

merry christmas!

Karen said...

See Mirien's comment.