Monday, January 4, 2010

you know it’s time for a new door. . .

. . . when it looks like THIS when it’s closed:


We knew our screen porch door was getting old and really needed to be replaced.  But since it still worked, it was one of those projects that wasn’t high on our list.  We had gotten used to the “charming” ripped screen, and the “adorable” way you had to pull really hard to get it to close all the way, and the “precious” little kick you have to give it when it’s really cold because the hinges freeze shut.  Then, on Saturday, when Patrick went outside in the morning (after a sub-20 degree night) and gave the door a tender nudge (read: HEAVE) to open it, it completely split in two.



We made a trip to the HD and picked out a vinyl screen door (no more wood that can freeze and split in half)!  We’ve never hung a door, but looks like we’re gonna have to figure it out!  In the meantime, I did remove the old door from the hinges, cuz we really don’t need a swinging doggie-door!


Megs said...

I am sure Pat had some choice words when that happened :) I love the framed photos over the sofa. What a great idea and fun for you to have a memory of Canada.

Erin said...

that's not good!

The Dahle Family said...

Aaron is pretty handy. But he DETESTS hanging doors. It takes forever--when your house isn't new, it's often not square. And new doors generally are. Good luck!

merathon said...

oh no. handy SUPER-Aaron hates hanging doors. that is not going to bode well for us, who are both less of the super-handy variety.

and YES--chocolate edamame, monette. if you can have choc-covered nuts, why not edamame? (this kind is crunchy, not soft like the ones you eat out of pods)