Saturday, January 30, 2010

the rest of the day

Patrick tested out the roads on a quick errand to return Julie & Julia to the Redbox.  If he didn’t think they were too bad, we thought we’d take the whole family out for a little trip to the furniture store.  He came back certain that we should not be driving.  (With all the sleet that fell along with the snow, combined with the lack of snow plows in these here parts of the South, the roads are completely covered in ice.)  So after a quiet morning inside, Patrick took K & B over to the neighbors’ to go sledding.  I think it was their first time EVER and they could not stop talking about it when they got back.  Wish I could have seen it, but I was home with the napper.

Then we watched some X-games and got the girls acquainted with the athletes they’ll be watching in the Olympics in a couple weeks.  They told me they love Bobby Brown and Lindsey Jacobellis.  Berkeley wanted to pretend she was “ski-boarding” after watching!

Next, we busted out the Valentine cookies—they decorated them ALL without any supervision.  I love that my girls are growing up!

IMG_1587 IMG_1598

After Emery was tucked snugly into bed, the rest of us had a family movie night.  We made homemade pizzas for dinner and watched Night at the Museum—another first for all of us.  The girls especially gave it two thumbs up.

Oh, and guess what else!  Church has been cancelled for tomorrow.  That means there will be a lot more time for this:



jessi said...

What a fun day! The Valentine's cookies look especially yummy. We've spent a good portion of the last week watching the X-games, too. :) This may sound terrible, but I'm a little relieved church was cancelled today! I had visions (nightmares?) of trying to find subs for all of the teachers who would be out, lol.

Dana said...

I don't think the boys will EVER be old enough to leave them alone with cookies and icing. I don't think I should be left alone with those two things either:) The girls did a great job of decorating!