Saturday, January 30, 2010

snowy Saturday

This isn’t a sight we’re used to seeing from our front window. . .IMG_1559

. . . or from our screened porch.IMG_1558

But as you can see, the snow isn’t really a packing type of snow. . .IMG_1566

. . . but even if it were, our family is not equipped with snow pants or boots since the opportunity to use them only comes up about once each year.  That’s okay with me.  I’ve never been a snow bunny anyway.

We have nowhere we HAVE to be today and nothing we really HAVE to do.

We’re all still in our PJ’s.

Emery is napping.

Patrick doesn’t have to slave away at work for the first Saturday in a long time, so he is happily reading.

Kendall and Berkeley are doing this:IMG_1556

And I’m sitting on the couch, watching What Not to Wear while deciding if I want to try to make this.

I’d say it’s a perfect snow day.


Melanie said...

What a cozy scene. Have a nice day!

Jennifer P said...

Looking forward to trying our the 4 bean chili from your last post! Our snow is deep enough to justify it!