Sunday, February 28, 2010

the future is bright

Lunch is always first on the agenda when we get home from church.  Today, Berkeley surprised me by wanting to help.  “Mom, I got all the ingretients out for my sandwich!”


That gave me an idea.  Why couldn’t I let Berkeley make her own sandwich?  I’m sure many mothers out there have children who try pouring their own bowl of cereal or making their own sandwiches by the time they’re just toddlers, but for some reason, it’s never occurred to my girls to do that.  Apparently they like being waited on hand and foot!

So, I asked her, “Berkeley?  Would you like to try making the sandwich by yourself?”  To which she responded, “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!”  I sliced up the tomatoes and then let her go at it.  She was so meticulous about making sure the hummus covered every last speck of bread.



She carefully placed the tomatoes, even rearranging them once to make sure each one was in the perfect spot.  (Look at her smiling!)


She dug into the sprouts, but got just enough and not too much.



“I made this sandwich by myself for the very first time!”  Look how proud.


And as I’m sitting here writing this while Kendall is working on the lesson for Family Home Evening, I am having visions of my future.  Just imagine. . .

. . .I’m taking a Sunday afternoon nap while my three girls are making lunch downstairs and then I hear a soft knock on my bedroom door.  “Mom, sorry to disturb you, but we made you a grilled Portobello panini with roasted red peppers, artichokes, and wilted spinach for lunch.  We’ve already started on dinner, and there’s an angel food cake baking in the oven for dessert tonight.  Is there anything else we can do?”

Humor me, okay?  It could happen!


Erin said...

how sweet.

i am hoping and dreaming that will one day be my life too. with one addition "mom, we also scrubbed the entire house top to bottom". yeah, i AM dreaming!

merathon said...

of course that is part of my dream too, erin, but remember, this was my vision of future SUNDAYS. my SATURDAY vision is where they clean the whole house!

Mirien said...

still waiting--and I have kids old enough!

molly kay said...

With a 10 year old and a 7 year old- I still do everything for them but I admit, the thought of them poring their own liquid into cups or on cereal is what makes me continue to do it for them! yes, I know I am a neat freak and I'm obsessed but I like to head off messes BEFORE they start so it's less work. What a big girl and I can't believe what she is eating- my kids would think that was martian food or something. :)

The Dahle Family said...

With your girls, that could definitely happen! Marliese's kids have conjured up birthday breakfast for her for a couple years now!

Marliese said...

Go Berkeley! Way to prepare you veggies and eat them to! It's good to let go and let the little ones help...I'm steps.

Jenn-Lee said...

1st- I Love that she was excited to make a tomatoe,hummas, sprout sandwich. That is awesome all by itself! I am hungry now...
moving along.. I also love this dream. You would really love the book by Merilee Boyack called "The Parenting Breakthrough" (It is published through Deseret)Seriously the parenting "Bible" for teaching your kids to work in the home and love doing it. It is AMAZING! Anyhow. that's my two cents for the day. miss you!