Saturday, February 27, 2010

quote of the day

Just before Patrick and I left to go out for the night. . .
B:  Mom, you look really good!
me:  (feeling very flattered) Thanks, Berkeley!
B:  You don’t really look like that very often.


That’s just how I like my compliments—I mean I wouldn’t want my head to get too big or anything . . .

Later, I found this.  Too sweet.  Okay, I forgive you, Berkeley!



Erin said...

hehehe. what a backhanded compliment!

Mandy said...

Love you Mer! Too Funny.
p.s. Where's the pic of Patrick's hot date?

merathon said...

mandy-- i don't have a pic, so just picture me in my straightened hairdo with maybe slightly more make-up than usual... i really didn't think i looked like crap every other day, but apparently i do!

Jenn-Lee said...

so funny what the kids can say. The other day Daniel was leaving for work with his laptop bag.Our 3 yr old said "Daddy- you look like a girl with that bag"
Then as he walked out the door she said "bye daddy be a good girl today"
:) I love the note they made you. SOOOO Sweet!