Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Food #32

After the stomach flu had its way with four out of the five members of our family last weekend (Kendall’s the only one that escaped!), I was ready to make something for dinner other than water with a side of toast crumbs.  I wanted REAL FOOD.  Patrick explained it best when he said, “Nothing like the stomach flu to make you realize what your body really needs.  When you haven’t eaten in a couple days, you’re not craving chips and candy!”

It was chilly and soup sounded divine.  I tried out a new recipe using one of my new favorite ingredients—red lentils.  I did a post a while back about lentils but in that post I didn’t talk about the red lentil, which actually has very different qualities than other lentils. 

  • They only need to cook for about 10 minutes instead of the 30 minutes that typical lentils need.
  • Once cooked, red lentils lose their shape, and if cooked long enough, they get mushy.

For some recipes, you really want the more substantial texture of a brown or green lentil, but in others, the texture of the red lentil works perfectly.  The only other recipe I had used red lentils in was the Curried Red Lentil Stew with Vegetables.  It is delicious, but I was ready to branch out with a new recipe.  I tried Red Lentil Vegetable Soup and it was fabulous as well.  It was just what I needed to welcome my stomach back into the world of digestion.

We had some leftover mashed potatoes, so I created a well and served the soup inside of it.  The girls love it when I do that.  You gotta change up the presentation every once in a while!


I loved how the red lentils added to the thickness of the soup.  What other recipes can I try my red lentils in?


I knew I wanted to have TONS of leftovers so I made a double batch.  We ate it for dinner twice this week and I had it EVERY SINGLE DAY for lunch.  You’d think I’d be sick of it by now, but I have one portion left and I wouldn’t be surprised if I shed a tear as I finish it off tomorrow. . .


Maren said...

I love soup, that sounds yummy! I've never tried red lentils but you are making it sound very tempting. I was about to suggest for more recipe ideas, but then I remembered it was red quinoa that she uses alot. Maybe she has red lentil recipes, too.

Sarah said...

I recently tried a red lentil soup that we all enjoyed. I love the creamy texture of red lentils too.
I'll have to try your recipes now! They look good!

Molly said...

That looks divine. And I've never done that with mashed potatoes...gonna have to give it a try.

Mirien said...

I'm going to have to look harder for red lentils. I've been wanting to try them, but my favorite store for grains, etc. doesn't carry them. I did discover yellow split peas there, though, and use them to make a curried split pea soup with cauliflower. That stew you made looks so good--I want to try it.