Thursday, February 25, 2010

the rest of the trip

Okay, sorry about the lag between these posts.  We had a run-in with the stomach flu around here. . . enough said.  If you missed Day One, click here.

After a thrilling day at the Marbles Museum in Raleigh, the girls had high expectations for Day Two of our getaway.  We got a late start on the day cuz Emery was having a marathon morning nap.  She was a little exhausted from the night before since we made the mistake of thinking the girls would actually go to sleep if we put them all together in one of the bedrooms of our 2 bedroom suite.  (Thankfully, we worked out a much better sleeping arrangement for the second night and all was well.)  By the time we were ready to head out, it was lunch time, so we pit-stopped at Whole Foods and then finally made it over to the Museum of Life & Science in Durham.  This was a great interactive museum with something for kids of every age.

Here’s a huge spinning whiteboard that you could make cool designs on.IMG_1887

Checking out some jawbones. . .IMG_1896

Emery just wanted to play with the mouse and keyboard, which is her favorite thing to do at home too.

There is an insectarium at the museum as well, and the girls were pumped when they saw that there was a butterfly room.  After our experience at the Butterfly Pavilion in Colorado back in October, Berkeley assumed the position as soon as we walked in.


She was a little upset that the butterflies there seemed to like Kendall better!IMG_1925

Phew—she finally got her chance!IMG_1926

We went outside where there was a long trail that takes you along to view a bunch of animals (like a little zoo) and to try out some science experiments.  Some of the sites were closed because of the weather, but there was still a ton to see.  I was amazed at how much there was to see and do outside, and the only one that was complaining about all the walking was ME (only because I didn’t realize that there was an outdoor section, so I wasn’t wearing the best shoes or my warmer coat)!

After going back inside for a quick diaper/bathroom break, we were about ready to leave, when we noticed one section of the museum we hadn’t seen yet.  Thank goodness we stopped to check it out or we would have missed out on one of the highlights of the day!  There was a large room that was separated into a grid, and each square of the grid makes a different sound when you step on it so when people are running in and out of squares. . . oh, just watch the video:

IMG_1947 IMG_1946

At the end of the day when I asked K & B what their favorite thing was, they said it was the two stations about handwashing and sunscreen!  (Not what I would have guessed, but I’m all for more efficient handwashing!)

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Marliese said...

Another winner in the museum category. It's amazing what they have for kids these days! Your girlies are cute interacting together.