Wednesday, February 17, 2010

oh, what do you do in the wintertime. . .

. . .when all the world is white? (Did you hear that stat about every state but Hawaii getting snow on Friday?)

Patrick shocked me a few weeks ago when he told me that he was actually going to take the Friday through Monday off of work for the President’s Day weekend.  Those of you who know Patrick’s schedule know that we are rarely able to go on trips because of the unpredictability of his schedule (we’ve even had to cancel trips or go without him).  So the question was, where could we go that was close enough to Charlotte so we wouldn’t be wasting a ton of time in the car and would also have some fun things to do?  Just about two and a half hours from Charlotte is the Raleigh/Durham area and it met our criteria—not too far away, has some great museums we’d heard about, and since we had never been there, we thought it would be the perfect place to check out.

I was a little afraid that Kendall would be upset about missing her Valentine party at school on Friday, but she was so excited about our trip that she didn’t even mind.  We left Friday morning to head out on our excursion.  On our way there, we realized we’d be arriving in Raleigh just in time for an early lunch before we headed to the Marbles Kids Museum.  I pulled out my Blackberry and did a search for vegetarian restaurants in Raleigh.  The first one that came up was this little gem:

remedy diner

And the miracle was that it was less than a block away from the museum!  I checked out their online menu and knew immediately that this would be a winner.  In addition to plenty of options for the meat-loving crowd, there was an entire page of vegetarian/vegan selections—an extremely rare find!

IMG_1682 IMG_1679

When we were all thoroughly stuffed with freshly made hummus, pico de gallo, paninis, reubens, and veggie dogs, we walked the couple hundred yards down to the museum.  We stayed there for the next FOUR HOURS and there was never a moment of boredom.

IMG_1696 “Mom, how do you play chest?”





IMG_1738 If being the “check-out girl” was the only thing Berkeley got to do at this museum, it would have been worth it for her!  We had to tear her away, promising that there were lots more fun things she hadn’t seen yet!

IMG_1750 Emery was a stellar ambulance driver.

IMG_1744“Yep, this bone is definitely broken, Mom.”

IMG_1763We all live in a yellow submarine. . .

IMG_1769 IMG_1788 IMG_1795 IMG_1800 IMG_1812 IMG_1819


IMG_1828Emery wanted to work at the pizzeria with all the big kids.

IMG_1869My own little fruit of the loom!

If you have kids and you ever find yourself in Raleigh NC, you have GOT to put this museum on your list!  I’ve told some friends in Charlotte about it and they already want to plan a trip up there!

Stay tuned for Day Two. . .


Karey said...

Wow! That museum looks sooo fun!

rozalyn said...

ok, i'm ready to go to raleigh. did you know that the actual fruit of the loom headquarters/underwear plant is in bowling green, ky? so next time you guys need a trip...hopefully i can make it down to nc before we head back west!

Becca said...

Hey Meredith! Saw your blog on Kathy's page and thought I'd stop in to say, "Hello!" How have you guys been? We haven't seen you in forever! Let's get together sometime soon. I can't believe how big your little Emery is already! Your girls are just beautiful!

Megs said...

This looks so fun. You would have to pull me away from being the cashier as well. I love doing self check out at the store. I am so glad you had a chance to get away.

Marliese said...

Good for you guys to get away! Looks like a blast...I love those super-hands-on children's museums. I bet you could have stayed all day--that's the best.

jessi said...

Wow - that definitely looks like a great destination point! Justin and I have planned on 'exploring' NC a little better while we're still here and I think that's going to top my list right now! :)

Molly said...

Looks like lots of fun!