Thursday, April 22, 2010


When Kendall was a baby/toddler, we did playdates with children her age quite often.  Anyone who has more than one child knows that the chances of this happening with subsequent children get slimmer and slimmer.  I think this might be the first time Emery has had a friend over where it was JUST the two of them (without any older siblings around).  Sadly, it wasn’t even my idea to arrange this little date, but my friend Erin (of the famous Sutton Grace) was going to get a haircut, so I was watching her little Ezra while all the older kids were at school.

Ezra was so upset that his mother left him (he’s right in the peak of separation anxiety) so he screamed for a while and then grabbed a blanket, laid down on the floor, and fell asleep.  He slept for almost an hour but when he woke up, he was happy and he and Emery played around for a few minutes until his mom got back!


IMG_2924  IMG_2919

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Erin said...

They are so cute together! We should do more (planned) playdates. Thanks again for watching Ez. I still can't believe he fell asleep on your floor. Silly boy!