Friday, April 23, 2010

we gave love a bad name

Patrick and I got to go out on a school night to go see Bon Jovi last night.  What can I say?  We’re wild and crazy like that.  When Patrick asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to go to Bon Jovi, I told him that even though it sounded like fun, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to pay money to go see them.  Of course I know a ton of their songs (because I really don’t know how you could grow up in the 80’s and NOT know any of their songs) but I never considered myself a true fan.  Then, Patrick told me that they were free tickets and that he was invited by one of the lawyers he works with to watch the concert from their box.  Well, then OF COURSE!

Is watching a concert from a suite as good as it sounds?  YES.  We had such a great time.  I think I am now officially spoiled and the next time I go to a concert and have to sit in the “regular” seats, I’m gonna feel ripped off.




We also had a lot fun watching all the hard-core Bon Jovi fans, and I really wish I had a few pictures of those to show you!


Erin said...

You look super cute (as usual) but I bet your cuteness was amplified in comparison to the crowd of hardcore Bon Jovi fans! :)

Sarah said...

Box seats (especially when they're free) can make ANYTHING a lot more fun! So fun that you two got to do that!

Emily B. Kerr said...

In my head I'm singing "You give love a bad name..." I'm going to have that stuck in my head all night now! Glad you guys had fun.

Marliese said...

I actually really like Bon Jovi. I'm jealous! I think his music is rockin' and he seems like a pretty decent human being, too. So fun for you guys.

Annie said...

i can guarantee meg is the most jealous person reading your blog. although there is no way she would have allowed patrick at that concert in a button up!!

Nollie said...

Confession: I'm a closet Bon Jovi fan. Definitely not hardcore, but I do love a good 80s rock anthem. I worked with a gal in Phoenix who was IN LOVE with John Bon Jovi and had been to concerts all over the U.S. Glad you got to enjoy the box seats!