Sunday, May 30, 2010

staging—part 2

The rest of the staging all happened over a two day period.  Barbi came over and DESTROYED our house on the first day, then put it all back together on the second.  Almost everything she used to stage the house was stuff we already had, but was being used in a different spot.  (The only things she brought in were a few more mirrors, a couple new light fixtures, and some ceiling fans.)  A bunch of our things went up into the storage room above the garage to await the big cross country move.

Here are some before and afters for you:

Entryway- Before


Entryway- After

Barbi asked us to paint over the pale yellow with “Softer Tan” from Sherwin Williams and paint the banister railing in a black oil-based high gloss.  Then she replaced the light fixture right as you walk in the front door (not seen in this picture), hung a mirror, moved the cane stand, and changed the accessories on the table.



Family Room- Before (taken by Berkeley)


Family Room- After

We had to take out one of the armchairs, the spin bike, and the rug.  She re-worked everything on the built-in bookcases and mantle, moved around some furniture, moved the TV to the corner, and hung a mirror above the couch instead of the framed print that was there (which she moved to the wall above the couch in the living room).


Powder Room- After

No before picture here—all she did was move one of the framed pieces from the entryway into this room and moved the painting that was in here to the spot above the mantle in the family room.


Kitchen- Before


Kitchen- After

The only changes in the kitchen were adjusting/removing some of the things on the countertops.




Living Room- Before (at Christmastime)



Living Room- After

She took up the rug to show off the wood floors, moved around some end tables and lamps, and removed or shifted around all of the things that were on the walls.


Dining Room- Before (sorry, didn’t have a great pic for this one)


Dining Room- After

She replaced our vintage light fixture, turned the table around, put the cabinet at an angle in the corner (used to be up against that left wall), and changed everything on the shelves.


Girls’ Bedroom- Before (care of Berkeley again)


Girls’ Bedroom- After

Nothing major-- the only changes were adding a ceiling fan, adjusting the things on top of their dressers and on the wall shelf, and removing the area rug.


Master Bedroom- After

Another easy room, so no before picture—she just took down a couple picture frames that were on the dressers and removed the accent pillows that were on the bed.


Guest room- Before (it didn’t normally look like this, but this is how it looked while we were having it painted—BEFORE we knew we were moving)


Guest room- After

This room had already been painted by the time Barbi got to it, so all she did was add a ceiling fan (I wanted a much cooler light fixture in there but she said buyers EXPECT ceiling fans in bedrooms), moved around the furniture, and added a mirror.


I think everything looks great, but Barbi and I definitely have different styles.  I prefer a more “transitional” style (kind of a cross between modern and traditional styles) while she  believes that a true traditional style shows the best for selling a house.  All of the things in my house that are more modern looking, she had me pack away.  It also feels strange not having any area rugs, but if it helps sells the house, I can deal with it!

And now. . . we WAIT.  Know anyone looking for a house in Charlotte??


Anonymous said...

Looks good - so now good luck!

Steph Bowen said...

What a cool house. I'm totally not into the style needed to sell a house. It looks nice to sell but not to live. I'm sure your next place will be awesome, too.

Karey said...

I'd buy it! Can you find us a job there in Charlotte? :)

Sarah said...

That's interesting that she had you take all the rugs out. It looks great! I'd definitely be an interested buyer from these pictures. Good luck!

Erin said...

Everything looks great! I really like the changes to to the foyer and the family room. I expect your home will sell quickly! How is your bathroom coming?

jessi said...

Looks great! :) It does look a little bare without the rugs and my personal opinion is that she should have left your series of three framed prints in the living room (I LOVE those!), BUT - it definitely looks more like a 'model' home as opposed to a 'family lives here' home. I agree with Erin - you will have no problem selling your house, I'm sure of it! And I can't wait to see your NEW home and what you do with it (I like your 'transitional' style)! :) (Can you sense a little envy over the fact that you get to go house shopping for REAL? :)

rozalyn said...

Wow! It looks great, but I also like how you had it. We're going to put our house up in about 9 months. you think a stager is the way to go? I mean, I can't make my house look good on my own anyway, I need all the help I can get. I still can't believe you guys are moving to CO before I could come visit you! I've always wanted to see the Carolinaz. : )

merathon said...

in this market, i don't think a stager can hurt! (then again, let's wait and see how long till our house sells!)

come visit us in a couple weeks!