Friday, June 4, 2010

how do i love thee?

Kendall had a “portfolio sharing day” at her school today. The parents get to come in and the children show them a bunch of things that they have worked on throughout the entire year. One thing Kendall showed me was a poem that is up on one of the bulletin boards in the hallway. (Kendall told me that she spelled Berkeley’s name right but that her teacher edited everyone’s poems for spelling and apparently she thought she knew how to spell it better than her own sister…)

kendall poem

Classic.  Not sure if I’ll be reading this masterpiece to Berkeley.  At least it ends with “I love my sister!”


jan said...

Paul and I are laughing so hard after reading this. "Crazy Berkeley, Mean Berkeley---but oh how I love her!" This couldn't have been better. j

Mindy said...

I'm totally laughing. Aren't siblings just the best?!

Hope you're surviving house selling. Not fun.

Mirien said...

Sounds rather like the relationship Jillian and Corinne have. Corinne had so much fun video chatting with Berkeley!

molly kay said...

Loving the dresses she drew them in- they look like something not from this or the last century!