Saturday, July 17, 2010

master bathroom reveal

The time has finally come to reveal my master bathroom transformation.  This project was supposed to have been done before we went to the beach back in mid-June.  Our contractor Chuck promised me it would be done before we left.  It wasn’t.  Then he promised me it would be done by the time we got back from the beach a week later.  It wasn’t.  Then he promised me it would be done before we went to Colorado.  It wasn’t.  He finally finished it the day after we went to Colorado, but since we were out there for three weeks and just got back last night, I saw it yesterday for the first time.

Here is what we our bathroom looked like for the past four years:

IMG_3295 IMG_3298

And here is what it looks like NOW:

IMG_3414 IMG_3417 IMG_3420

It is a very small bathroom, but I got creative and figured out a way to make it feel bigger by moving the position of the door (and making it a pocket door) and then moving the position of the vanity to have it run along the entire wall that you see in the second “before picture.”  (Kind of hard to explain, so not sure if that makes sense!)  It turned out exactly how I hoped it would.  I am loving it.


Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

Hope you had fun on your vacation. Good luck on the house buying. I really like the new bathroom. Very clever how you moved the vanity to make room for a bigger one. Too bad you won't be there much longer to enjoy it.

Erin said...

Meredith! It is beautiful! Everything came together perfectly. I love the colors and the bit of glass tile above the vanity. Did you end up putting some glass tile in the bathtub too? I am interested to see more of the lighting. It looks like chandelier-type pendants. Very cool! I wish it were my bathroom!

The Kerr Family said...

We're so glad you're back! Even if it's only for a few weeks. The new bathroom looks great. I love the color of the tile.

Your new house looks fabulous.

And lastly, we're sad to see you go!

jan said...

You have done a great job on the bathroom. The chandelier lighting is fabulous as are the glass tiles. Next time I design bathrooms, you will be on the design team!

Sarah said...

It's gorgeous, Meredith! I love the lighting fixtures! I'm having a hard time visualizing the new layout, but it certainly doesn't look like a tiny bathroom anymore. Very clever use of space! Oh, and the color we used in ours was Tadpole, by Martha Stewart.

merathon said...

sarah-- the second "before picture" and the first "after picture" are taken of the same wall if that gives you a better picture of the layout. maybe i should try to sketch out a drawing and post that!

erin-- i guess you'll have to come check out the lighting for yourself! we ended up not doing any glass tile in the tub because Home Depot discontinued it and i couldn't find any more of it anywhere!

Marliese said...

Awesome, who knew you were such a chic interior designer? Glad it all worked's even better now that it has the "crystals." :)

ty and megs said...

your bathroom looks gorgeous!! love the colors, fixtures and LOVE that light!!