Monday, July 19, 2010

MORE? you want MORE?

I had some requests for some more pictures of the bathroom, so here you go!

Here’s a close up on the chandelier (reflecting in the mirror).  I found it on Overstock many months ago and immediately knew it was the perfect thing for my little bathroom to bring in some sparkle and shine.  I purposely made the mirror go all the way to the ceiling so that the chandelier would reflect in it and bounce tons of light around the room.  I can’t stop staring at it when I’m in the bathroom!
And hopefully this picture will help you understand the layout a little better—sink on the left, toilet in the middle, shower on the right. . . that’s IT.  As you can see, the space is very small, but now there is SO much more storage and counter space, which was one of my main goals in the project, in addition to just making it a lot prettier!
I had two little cabinet doors in our old vanity and now I have two larger cabinet doors and three huge drawers!  The space I had to work with wasn’t a standard width or depth, so I had to order a custom-made vanity cabinet and countertop with undermount sink.  After looking around at a few specialty kitchen/bath showrooms, I found out that Home Depot carries a lot of special order stuff too, and they could get it to me a lot quicker!  Plus, I love my “soft-close” drawers!
Here’s a better look at the shower. . .
. . . and if you look closely, you can see the tiles have very subtle thin stripes in them.  They’re called Satin Sheets.
Well, I think that covers it all.  It really is tragic that I have to leave my beautiful bathroom in less than three weeks. . . and move into a house that needs two more bathrooms redone!  :(


Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

Love the lighting. Just think, now you'll be a pro and won't put off redoing the bathrooms until you have to move again - will you?

merathon said...

well, it wasn't that we were putting it off, just waiting till we could justify spending the money! we picked one big project each year-- kitchen countertops & floors, replacement windows, and this year it was the bathrooms! we didn't know we were moving when we started the project!

meredith said...

Love the light fixture! Very impressed!