Friday, October 29, 2010

new baby Hazel

My sister Monette had her fourth child just a couple weeks ago.  Emery cannot stop talking about her new baby cousin.  The first time she got to meet baby Hazel she was so excited and just HAD to hold her.  She sat on the couch at grandma’s house and held the baby (with some help, of course) for a VERY long time and was sad when the baby had to leave.

Yesterday, the baby came to OUR house for the first time.  When I put Emery down for her nap, I told her that when she woke up, baby Hazel would be here.  She could hardly contain herself, but went right to sleep.  My sister arrived with her three kids while Emery was still napping and since she had been sleeping for over three hours, I went to wake her up.  The first thing Emery said when she saw me standing next to her crib was, “Hold da baby?”

And she did.



And Berkeley was happy that she’s big enough to not need any help to “hold da baby!”


Poor Kendall was still at school and still hasn’t had her turn!

So that was yesterday.  And now all day today, Emery has been saying, “Hold da baby—OUR house!”  They only live 20 minutes away, but Emery can’t get enough!


Erin said...

Love Emery's piggy tail. She is getting so big! Hazel was my Grandmothers name and one we are considering for our new little one!

Sarah said...

Cute girls! That's really sweet that Emery loves her new baby cousin Hazel so much. These are great pictures!

Jenny said...

Just remind Emery that Miles is still the #1 baby in her life.

meredith said...

Emery is so adorable. Oh my goodness she is cute

Dana said...

She needs a little sister...or brother if you know how to make those!