Monday, November 1, 2010

the skunk: Act IV

In October 2004 when Kendall was just 18 months old, I decided to make her Halloween costume and I had my heart set on a skunk.  Since she was my only child (and with the encouragement of my friends in Boston), I figured I could handle making ONE costume.  I found a pattern for some pajamas and modified it to what I was envisioning.  The little skunk turned out SO much cuter than I even thought it would and since I don’t sew that often, I was very proud of myself! 

So, Kendall wore it in 2004,


Berkeley wore it in 2006,



and then Emery wore it last year in 2009. 


This year when I was pulling out our costumes, I got sad that all my girls had had their turn with the skunk costume and that its days in our family were over.  But then, I remembered that when I made it, I purposely made it to look a little baggy, so maybe Emery could wear it just ONE more year and it would just be a lot smaller.  Plus, since we didn’t live here last year, no one would even know she was wearing the same costume two years in a row!  I tried it on her and she LOVED it.  She thought the tail was pretty great.

Berkeley’s kindergarten class had a Halloween parade on Friday, so I thought it would be fun to dress Emery up for the event as well.  The kindergarten classes parade around through every classroom in the school, so I let Emery walk in with Berkeley when they got to Kendall’s classroom.  (Kendall is the one in the Little Red Riding Hood cape and Berkeley is Raggedy Ann.)


I didn’t think the skunk costume would fit in the car seat, but it wasn’t a problem at all.  (Yes, her car seat is still rear-facing and yes, she is definitely over 20 pounds and is clearly WELL over a year old!  I’m a safety freak!)


After the parade, Emery and I had to make a stop at the DMV.  I bet the people there didn’t expect to run into a skunk that day, but I guess you never know what you’re gonna see at the DMV!


When Berkeley got home from school, I had to get some pictures of her and Emery before we took off the costumes.  It was such a beautiful day in the mid-70’s so we snapped a few shots in the backyard.  Kendall doesn’t get home from school till four hours after Berkeley, so I didn’t get a shot of all three of them together.



I will be packing up this costume but I’m not saying goodbye.  I think she’s got a few acts left in her, so I’ll be saving this one for the grandkids. . . hopefully no sooner than 20 years from now!


Mags [Margaret] said...

What a great costume! Congrats on getting four uses out of it :)


Kerry and Dave said...

Oh my gosh, I've had Tanner facing forward for over a year! But forward or backward, your stinky little skunk sure is cute! And way to get some mileage out of that costume!

Sarah said...

That is a pretty fantastic costume! I'm glad it's gotten so much use already!

jan said...

The girls looked so cute. What I love about Halloween is that no matter where you go that day, you are bound to run into Spiderman, Mario, a princess or even a skunk.