Monday, December 13, 2010

great expectations

I’ve always known Kendall and Berkeley were very different, but if this isn’t evidence, I don’t know what is.  Take a look at their Christmas lists.

Here is Kendall’s:


And here is Berkeley’s:


Let me translate that for you:

  • iPhone
  • iTouch
  • cookie
  • mouse
  • duckling
  • fish

I told Berkeley that the only thing on that list that she should expect is the cookie!  She told me that a boy in her class asked for a lion, an alligator, and a real volcano!  I guess I should be grateful she asked for things that actually fit in our house. . .


Sarah said...

Wow, that's funny. It's interesting how different siblings can be! I love Berkeley's list. I'm just wondering if I should know what an iTouch is...good luck with that, Santa!

merathon said...

Sarah-- i guess the official name for it is an iPod Touch but Patrick has one (hence why she wants one!) and we always just call it the iTouch. it's just like an iPhone but without the phone capabilities.

it's actually pretty cool, but there's no way i'm getting one for a 5 year old:

Megs said...

This makes me love Berks ever more. She is very funny. I love that Kendall wants a surprise. That is really cute.

Leslie said...

So cute. I love that you took a picture of their notes. What a great way to capture it forever without having to actually keep it.

Kerry said...

She's got expensive taste! You better start saving the bucks now for when she's a teenager and her list consists of corvettes and a designer wardrobe!

Nicole said...

I think that is so funny! Zachary has asked for a DS and an iPad. I would love to live in there world where ther is no concept of money.

Dana said...

So cute! Mason makes a new list every day. Wyatt has stuck to his guns on what he wants, but the list is pretty crazy too.