Thursday, December 2, 2010

I’m hooked

Remember when I built this little mudroom area in our Charlotte house?


Well, when we moved into our house in Colorado, I knew I wanted to do the same thing.  Just look at the sad little pegs that were here when we bought it.



And yes, that is our laundry area right next to it.  Just across from it is our coat closet.  Soon after we moved in, I took off the closet doors because they were always in the way (especially because the door out to the garage is also in this small area) and painted the inside of the closet because the wood trim in there hadn’t been painted white yet and the wall color was a hideous peach!  (I found some free green paint in the basement called Hearts of Palm that I decided would work just fine!)


The girls each have a basket for their shoes, and Patrick and I each have a shelf.  This closet also has to serve double duty as our broom closet, so I put up a few hooks for the broom, mop, and dustpan.  I love these little hooks that are called “cup hooks” and are meant for hanging mugs.  There is a screw on the end of them and you generally don’t have to even drill a pilot hole.  I use them EVERYWHERE and you can buy a pack of them for CHEAP in whatever finish you prefer.



As soon as our contractor Jeff is done with our bathroom, he’s going to help me make this closet more functional.  I want there to be more cubbies and hooks and shelves, and the area where the vacuum and brooms are will be covered with a long cupboard door.

Okay, so back to the sad little pegs.  Just this past weekend I finally got around to ripping them down (they were about to fall off anyway so it wasn’t hard) and put up my wall of hooks.



This is such an easy project with a HUGE pay-off!  All it took was buying a piece of pre-primed MDF and having it cut to the sizes I needed at Home Depot, painting it, buying some hooks and attaching them to the wood, then screwing each piece into the wall studs.  Easy peasy.  And we quadrupled the number of hooks—we went from FOUR little pegs of wood to EIGHT hooks, each with two hooks on them!  I love having a proper place to hang my purse and it’s easy for the girls to keep their stuff organized as well.

Am I too obsessed with hooks?  I just did a quick count in my head and I think this now makes 18 hooks that I’ve now installed since we moved in!  And I’m sure I’m not done. . .


Erin said...

Looks fantastic! And the hooks are so much more functional. I can't wait to see your bathroom!

Karey said...

Such fun projects - I love to see all the cute and functional things you do!

Marliese said...

You are pro at "getting the job done." You see a problem, then you find a solution and follow through with it. I think I am too tolerant of problems...I tend to just live with little annoying things like pegs about to fall off, for way too long. Thanks for the reminder to have the courage to make some new screw holes in the wall, and make things better!

Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

Great job Mer. Love the hooks. I really need to hang some up in my garage since we don't have a fancy mudroom, then the boys won't have an excuse not to hang up their stuff.

Nicole said...

I love your mudroom. I wish we had one. I would even settle for a decent size coat closet. Maybe one day!

jessi said...

I love what you've done! I can't wait to have a mud-room someday... It's on my top 5 'must have' list for our next house, lol.. (Right up there with a double-oven, a kitchen island, and a utility sink - either in the mud room or in the garage. :) I think I'm going to follow your lead with the cup hooks, though! Great idea for my broom and mop! :)

Jenny said...

Someday I hope to be as motivated as you are. Maybe when I have a house I know I will be in for more than three years.