Monday, January 31, 2011


On Saturday it was 70 degrees, and the last few remaining piles of snow that still hadn’t melted because they were hanging out in the shade FINALLY disappeared. 

K & B found stuff to do in the backyard while they waited for Emery to wake up so they could all go to the park.






I wish I could say that I got to spend the entire day outside basking in the sun, but unfortunately I had procrastinated my Sacrament Meeting talk that I was giving the next day in church (I was going to be the ONLY adult speaker = PRESSURE), so I had to spend way too many hours inside working on that instead.  I took a break to go to the park in the afternoon with Patrick and the girls. . . just in time for the sun to start going down.

And now, it is 3:00 pm on Monday, it is 9 degrees and it hasn’t stopped snowing since I woke up this morning.  Tomorrow will be a high of negative 2 degrees.   If you need me, I’ll be inside cooking soup!


Steph said...

hey -
no, we are not moving back to charlotte - boo -- chip just wants to buy a couple houses there for rentals cuz he thinks they are a good investment. Anyways - yea, we love the jacksons - they are awesome. Scott mentioned his wife's maiden name at our friends house and so I asked if she were related. Then, he kept trying to introduce me to Ashley but it never was working out, and so many people kept telling me - you need to meet Ashley Jackson, i think you guys would be friends. It was hilarious how many people said that - but we had them over for dinner and she is great! We have a great time with them. how are things in colorado?

Karen said...

Meredith, your girls are so darling! And the weather is just crazy, isn't it? We experience some swings here on the eastern Sierra front too. Keeps things (and wardrobes) interesting. Love ya!

Sarah said...

We've been having a similar weather pattern, although we certainly never hit 70 degrees! How nice! Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls!