Wednesday, February 2, 2011

below zero

So apparently they DO close schools around here, but not for snow. . . for COLD!  We only got a couple inches, but since it has been so frigid the last two days, they cancelled school yesterday and today!

We didn’t venture outside at ALL yesterday and just stayed in and baked cookies, played games, read books, and watched some Little House on the Prairie (Kendall recently read one of the books and it is the girls’ new favorite show now). 

But today, we decided to go out and try a couple “below zero” science experiments that one of my brothers told me about. 

Experiment #1:  Boil some water, throw it up in the air, and it will come down as snow.

I burned my hand trying this out and it didn’t even work for me, although a couple people I know tried it and it worked just fine!


Experiment #2:  Blow bubbles and when they pop, they will shatter!

This one worked great and the girls loved it!


Some of them shattered, but others I guess were too frozen to pop at all!  Here’s a bubble that fell on the deck.  Look how it just crumpled up like a deflated balloon instead of popping!


Kendall was even able to pick it up!



When it is this cold, you really can’t be out for long before you just want to get back inside to warm up.  Emery was done after about 2 minutes of being out in the cold.  Awwwwww—a girl who takes after her mother!  We were just out on the deck but she kept saying, “I wanna go home!”




While Emery was napping, K & B were starting to get bored, so I thought we might as well have some fun and be productive at the same time.  It was time to bust out the valentine making supplies!  I love that this is a project that they can do on their own with a bunch of stickers, some heart punches, foam hearts, and markers.  Plus, it kept them entertained for a while and now that’s one less thing we have to do before their class parties!



And now back to school tomorrow after the little mini-vacation we just had!


molly kay said...

I don't really understand why it has to be boiling water you throw up in the air. Wouldn't that just take longer to freeze than cold water to become snow?? That seems weird but I am no science girl. The Valentines look so fun- I remember you posting about making them last year. How fun to have girls to make things with glitter and hearts!My boys just want me to buy them the Spiderman or Kung Fu Panda Valentines.Someday with Brighton.....

merathon said...

moll-- i thought the exact same thing, but then i read the explanation. apparently, because boiling water is SO close to being steam, the droplets are smaller and freeze quickly. i'll forward you the email cuz it's too long for me to explain!

jan said...

I loved the unplanned school vacation days. Looks like everyone had a great time. I am still loving that paper cowboy hat idea. I think it will catch on everywhere.

Marliese said...

Looks like a blast--nice job making snow days = super fun days with Mom. The Valentines they made are super cute.

Kelli said...

Fun experiments! We're going to try that!

Mirien said...

How perfect that you just happened to have all the Valentine making supplies on hand. I used to be that kind of mom--the making homemade Valentine's kind, but Jillian and Corinne now have a frazzled, I-don't-have-time-for-that kind of mom. Sigh.