Friday, March 25, 2011

the fever

We all had it.  It was an epidemic sweeping the nation and there was no known cure.  We had Jimmer Fever.

It was so fun watching my girls get into it.  It was great having my sister and her family staying with us for the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament where we got to watch two BYU wins!


Then our houseguests had to go back to Iowa just as their spring break ended and ours started.  The day after they left, I woke up and went into K & B’s room to find this:



I asked them what their little creation was, and Kendall told me that all the dolls and animals were watching the BYU game!  (Apparently, the striped book in the first picture is the TV if you hadn’t guessed.)

When Thursday finally came, we all started gearing up for the big game to see if our team was going to make it to THE EIGHT.  Huge.

K & B wouldn’t let me see what they were working on and then came downstairs with these:


That night we made pizzas and had our “Cougar Mints” all ready to go.

I have declared them the official sweet treat for BYU fans.  They are essentially mint M&M’s but they are blue and white!  If you’re shocked that I’m promoting candy on my blog, check out the bag a little closer. . . they’re DARK chocolate, which is essentially a health food, right?

My girls were all dressed in blue and white and had their pom poms ready.


Anyone who watched the game knows it was intense the whole way through.  It was hard to look away.  Despite Jimmer’s bum calf that night, they were able to hold their own. . . until the last few minutes.  It was painful to watch them lose when they really SHOULD have won, and we all went to bed a little sad.  Well, maybe not as sad as THIS girl. . .

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Maren said...

For a second I thought you were going to say Beiber fever...