Sunday, March 20, 2011

packing it in

We were thrilled to have a slightly impromptu visit from our Iowa cousins.  They arrived on Tuesday night,and we filled Wednesday through Saturday with good quality family time.

Kendall and Berkeley got on the bus at 8:45 am on Wednesday morning like usual, but little did they know I had a plan up my sleeve.  Since it was supposed to be the nicest weather for the whole week that day (in the 70’s) I decided to surprise them by picking them up at 11:00 am so we could join everyone else at the reservoir for a picnic.  The kids played in the water, the sand, and we finished off a great lunch by roasting marshmallows for Smores.





Then it was off to the Pepsi Center to watch BYU practice for Thursday’s game.  The practice sessions for all the teams were free and open to the public, so since we knew we couldn’t spring for tickets for EVERYONE to go to the games, we thought we could at least all go watch the teams shoot around for a bit.  We weren’t prepared for what should have been just a thirty minute drive to take an hour and 40 minutes (and it was WELL before rush hour) but thank goodness we had left early enough that we got there just in time to see BYU and The Jimmer.





We watched BYU and then checked out some of the competition too—we stayed for Wofford and St. Johns.  By this point it was about dinner time and we weren’t anxious to jump back into what would now be rush hour traffic, so we walked down to the 16th Street Mall for some Noodles.



We took up half the restaurant!


The rest of the weekend was spent watching the Cougs, jumping on the trampoline, playing Kinect, and going on walks to the park.  My mom also made a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day dinner—and of course the fact that I didn’t have to cook made it even better!


cousins in the tub

Every time Marliese or Tom sat on these arm chairs, kids came from out of nowhere to pile on top of them and read!



After the kids went to bed each night, I got to have some fun with Marliese and Tom—watching funny YouTube videos, cracking up as we shook our booties with Dance Central, and belting out some karaoke!  Props to my sister who wasn’t feeling well the majority of the time she was here—she was a TROOPER and didn’t let it get her down!

We miss them already.  Berkeley reminded me that the house next door to us is for sale, so why can’t they just move here?  Wouldn’t that be a dream?  Why can’t it be that easy?

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transom said...

We had such a great time with you!! Thanks for hosting kids are ready to move into your basement, forget next door. I'm glad you got some fun pictures of the cousins having a blast together. We love your family!