Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Selection Sunday

Do your kids get this excited to watch the NCAA Tournament bracket be announced?






My sister and her family live in Des Moines, and a couple weeks ago, they told us that if BYU was playing here in Denver for the first two rounds, they were going to come and visit!  The girls had all been asking me when we would find out if they were coming or not, so I told them that we’d find out on Sunday at 4:00 pm.  Of course, 4:00 pm rolled around and Kendall and Berkeley came to me and asked what the verdict was.  I told them we had to wait for it to be announced on TV, so the three of us (Patrick was at work and Emery was napping) sat down to watch the selection show together.  I told them the words they were waiting to hear:  BYU will be playing in Denver!  They patiently waited until almost the bitter end when they announced the second to last game. . .  finally!

You can see how happy they were—such basketball fans, right?  Or maybe just big fans of their COUSINS!


The Dahle Family said...

Oh, wish we were there--you know what big basketball fans WE are! Sounds like a pretty fun way to spend St. Patrick's Day!

molly kay said...

To answer your question- yes- my kids(and Thomas for that matter) get this excited about the NCAA bracket. But not because of BYU or the chance of anyone visiting. Just because it's basketball! Hudson just finished his season making it to the championship game and now he's been nominated to the All-Star team for a tournament this weekend. Thomas is coaching that team as well. It's basketball 24/7 around here! Untinext week when it will be baseball 24/7 and soccer!

Sarah said...

How fun that they'll be coming out for that! GO COUGARS!

Mirien said...

The game is on CBS--that's what we're excited about so we can watch from home! And the team BYU is playing--Wofford? Their school is smaller than both Evan's high school and Grant's middle school.

Have fun in Denver! Make sure your girls watch the game and don't get distracted with their cousins. Priorities, you know.

Melissa said...

Ha, Ha!! We are just as excited! I wish we still lived there so we could go to the games! Our boys are excited because I told them if we make it to the final four I am driving to Houston no matter what :) That means tons of cousins for them too!