Saturday, March 12, 2011

go green or go home

We had a busy Saturday morning but made sure we squeezed in the big St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown!  We watched it with some old friends and some new friends and enjoyed the people watching and good company in spite of the chilly temps since we were on the shaded side of the street (sorry again for making you move, KC)!


In the picture above, Emery had just shoved a huge piece of that nasty parade gum in her mouth, so that’s the best smile she could manage!







Here’s a summary of the parade:

  • lots of bagpipes
  • lots of curly wigs
  • lots of “princesses” riding in convertibles
  • lots of Harleys
  • lots of dogs (ever seen a wolfhound? not a pretty sight!)
  • lots of people who looked like they didn’t belong in the parade
  • lots of teeth chattering (by me)

The big disappointment was that it was missing two key things that every good parade needs:

Shriners on tiny bikes


high school marching bands


We had fun, but I would not have minded a little of this action:

Guess I’ll have to get on the committee for next year. . .

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