Monday, March 7, 2011


Kotzebue (pronounced COTS-uh-byoo, I think).  Never heard of it?  Me neither, until my sister and her family thought about moving there.  It is a tiny town in Alaska that is located 33 miles NORTH of the Arctic Circle.  Yes, I said NORTH.  If you sneeze, some of your germs might land in Russia.

My sister is amazing.  She always looks at the bright side of things, so when they heard this could be a job option for her husband, she said “How cool is it that during the summer, the sun doesn’t set for over two months?”   Of course the flip side of that is that the sun doesn’t RISE for over two months in the winter, but she didn’t even focus on that at all like I would!  Just check out this info I found from the all-knowing Wikipedia:

Kotzebue has a subarctic climate with long, somewhat snowy, and very cold winters, and short, mild summers. Monthly daily average temperatures range from −3.5 °F in February to 54.7 °F in July, with an annual mean of 21.8 °F. Days of above 70 °F are not common, but can be expected on 5 days per summer.


If you want to see how supportive my sister is being about this possibility, just check out her blog post on it!   They are currently living in Sidney, Montana (almost to Canada), so maybe that’s part of the reason why this doesn’t sound like too big of a stretch for them??  Let’s just say I would much rather find myself living at the Equator than the North Pole! 


Kerry and Dave said...

Wow. So, when does she find out if they are going to move there? So, will the McKinnon clan be visiting the Arctic any time soon?

The Dahle Family said...

Yeah, why not look on the bright side? Literally. And IF we do move there, I definitely think you should dig out your coat in the middle of summer and come visit us!