Sunday, April 3, 2011

the birthday festivities continue. . .

Last year Berkeley had a party with her friends and Kendall didn’t, so we decided we’d swap this year.  We did a family dinner party (with Grandma & Grandpa, two aunts and an uncle, and a couple friends from church who had joined us for Conference) after the last Sunday session.



Berkeley got some fun gifts, but she was most excited about THE PONY.  Ever since she happened upon it at Target a few weeks ago, she couldn’t get it out of her head!





She’s also really taken a liking to her new “iPod.” My girls have been asking for an iPod Touch like their dad’s,  but there’s just no way I was going to pay $200 for something they could ruin.  I bought this little guy a few months ago for just $35 and it has exceeded my expectations!  

Screenshot Images

It only got 2.5 stars on Amazon because it definitely isn’t as technologically as advanced as the iPod, but here’s why I think it works great for my girls’ first MP3 player (I’ve got another one waiting for Kendall’s birthday next week):

  • it has a touch screen which makes it easy to navigate
  • it has a speaker built in so you don’t always have to use the headphones
  • it has a voice recorder—Berkeley cracks herself up by recording herself saying silly things and then playing them back!
  • it can be used for listening to music and viewing photos and videos
  • it can hold about 2000 songs, which is plenty to hold all the music she could ever want on there—I loaded it with lots of her faves (Beatles, Beach Boys, ABBA, Jack Johnson, Wicked, Enchanted)
  • it’s quick and easy to hook up to my computer and drag and drop files into it
  • it’s easy to plug it in and recharge it (I hate kids’ toys that you have to keep buying new batteries for)
  • it was cheap enough that whenever it breaks, I won’t feel too bad!
  • it’s already given me my money’s worth just by watching how much fun Berkeley’s having with it!



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