Saturday, April 2, 2011

happy Berksday

My Boston-born beauty is six today.  I remember that rainy morning as we drove to Brigham & Women’s Hospital and I was so nervous to do it all over again.  I really thought she was going to be a boy and so when she was born and Patrick shouted out that it was a girl, I was truly shocked.  I wasn’t prepared for the challenges that being a mom of two would bring, but slowly I figured it out.  The first year of her life was kind of a blur.  Since then, it has only gotten better and better.

We went to The Original Pancake House for breakfast (a repeat of last year) and Patrick even told the girls they could go in their PJ’s.  All the girls got the “smiley face pancakes,” but before the real breakfast came, the server brought out a special strawberry crepe for the birthday girl and sang to her, which of course, she loved.






The rest of the day consisted of soccer games for K & B (where Berkeley scored two goals!) and watching Conference.


We told Berkeley she sure ordered some great birthday weather—it got into the EIGHTIES today!  We finished off the day with a trip to our neighborhood park with some friends.  Tomorrow we’ll do cake and presents— too much going on to do that today (and Patrick was at Conference tonight) but Berkeley didn’t mind cuz that just means her birthday gets to last another day!

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Marliese said...

Love that Berks! She has an awesome personality. Two goals on her birthday! Wow, it really was her day. Sounds like a fun time, and a fun month ahead.

And I think you guys landed in the boundaries of a great Elementary school--theatrical opportunities, April Fool's parties, the telephone plant project... Fun, fun.