Monday, April 18, 2011

great to be eight

My sweet Kendall is eight years old.  We had a small birthday celebration at home on the actual day, but since EIGHT is a big deal, she’s got a lot more to look forward to.  We’ll have a big party with some friends in a couple weeks, and then on May 7th, we’ll have the BIGGEST day she will have had in her eight years of life so far. . . her baptism!

But back to her birthday evening—Kendall chose enchiladas and coconut cream pie for her special day.  I was happy to oblige!  I even made up a new enchilada recipe that turned out AWESOME if I do say so myself.





Kendall loved the little penguin that Emery gave her.


. . . and was excited to have an “iPod” just like Berkeley’s!


Berkeley was pretty excited about some of the presents too!


This girl has been a Beatles fan ever since kindergarten when they learned about them in school.  I remember a Beatles song came on in the car one day and she surprised me by saying, “I wonder who is singing here—maybe it’s John or Paul.  Or maybe it’s Ringo or George.”  We have indulged this love ever since.  Her NYC grandparents graciously expanded her collection!


I love watching what a great little girl Kendall is turning out to be.  I don’t get to be with her all that much since she is gone for a minimum of seven hours a day during the week, so I really treasure the time that we DO get to spend together.  Love you, Kendall!


The Dahle Family said...

We're excited to be there for the BIGGEST day! We love you, too, Kendall! It IS great to be eight!

jan said...

it seems impossible that eight years have passed since that eventful day when Kendall surprised us 10 weeks early. Every detail is still so clear in my mind of her birth. We can't wait to see the girls in May and to celebrate with Kendall on her baptism day.