Tuesday, August 16, 2011

back to school

It still weirds me out that we start school in the middle of August out here.  K & B started school yesterday (3rd grade and 1st grade) which means now Emery asks me every five minutes, “When do I get to go to preschool?”





Unfortunately, Emery doesn’t start till after Labor Day, so it might be a long next couple of weeks. . .

Thank goodness the pool is still open!


Erin said...

they are so grown up! school starts next wednesday for us. i am happy and sad at the same time!

Jen said...

Did they shoot up like a foot over the summer? Emery, especially, looks huge! They're so cute. We start on Wed, and the boys can't wait, either. Poor E. :) <3 Jade

Heather said...

You kids are so cute! we miss you guys! They look so old all of a sudden! We stopped in Denver on our way out and thought about calling you but we had driven 26 hours straight from Charlotte and were not super pleasant to be around - plus it was like 10pm. Wish we planned better so we could have seen you.
BTW - love Berk's shirt and Kendall
s shorts - where did you get them? I am on a hunt for cute clothes for my kiddos

Marliese said...

Cute kids. That is an early start date. I remember summer always went by fast when we were kids, but I am amazed how fast it flies as a mom, too.

Mirien said...

Middle of August? How luxurious! Jillian and Corinne started in July, and Hayley still says everyday, "I miss my sisters." And she doesn't even have preschool in her future because I can't stand to shell out the money.

I agree with whoever said that your girls are looking so tall!

merathon said...

Jen & Mirien-- they are definitely getting tall but emery is the tallest of the three for her age. she just had her well check and was at the 90th percentile for height!

Heather-- you are in trouble! jk, but next time you definitely need to plan on stopping! berkeley's shirt was a target purchase (originally for kendall a couple years ago) and kendall's shorts are by IT Jeans but i got them at marshall's... you know i love my bargains!

The Dahle Family said...

It's not at all weird for school to start in the middle of August when the middle of August is already fall--cooler weather, yellow leaves on the trees, falling leaves. No shorts on the first day of school here. Fall came just as school was about to start.