Friday, July 29, 2011

just another day at the pool

When you have a pool that is practically in your backyard, it’s difficult NOT to want to go there every day. . . especially when it’s sunny and over 90 degrees.  We give into the urge as much as possible, which means we have barely missed a day this summer and some days (like today), we go there TWICE!

We load up our wagon with towels, sunscreen, pool toys, and lunch.  Then we walk, scooter, or bike the 30 yards (give or take) to the pool.  Can you find Emery in this picture?


Swim team is over, but Kendall and Berkeley are practicing up for next year now.  Kendall’s dives are coming along. . .  Berkeley’s might need a little more work!



It is going to be a sad day at our house when the pool closes for the year.




W E  L O V E  O U R  P O O L.  Maybe a little bit too much.

One of my neighbors asked last week, “Are you guys at the pool EVERY day?”

Ummmmm. . .

Is there something wrong with that??


Erin said...

there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! you can bet that i would be at the pool everyday if i had access to one that close!

Kendall's dive looks great! Berkeley's looked like it ended in a painful belly flop.

jan said...

I'm still looking for Emery. Kendall's dive is amazing. Next summer I am going to join you at the pool for several days!!

Sarah said...

It's been forever since I've been on your blog, mainly because I'm impatient and for some reason yours takes a while to upload. Lots of good stuff to catch up on. Happy late birthday to you and Emery! Enjoy your last few weeks at the pool. I'd be there every day too if it was that close!

merathon said...

keep looking--emery is peeking out in the wagon!

i have no idea why my blog is being so slow. open it through google reader-- it loads in a second!