Tuesday, September 6, 2011

emery’s first day. . .FINALLY!

Had we not moved to Denver, Emery would have had her first day of preschool LAST year at the same preschool that Berkeley graduated from in Charlotte.  We loved that little preschool and were sad to leave it.  Not only did we love the school and the teachers and the other families who attended there, but I loved that it was just a seven minute walk from our house.  We had paid our nonrefundable money to secure Emery’s spot in the two year old class, and then just a few months later, we made the decision to move to Colorado.  Of course, by the time we figured out exactly what part of town we were going to be living in, all the preschools around here were full.  I was pretty sad about it because I was a huge fan of Kendall and Berkeley starting when they were two years old.  Those two mornings each week really helped them to be less clingy and start building up their independence.  But, there was nothing we could do about it, so we made the most of it and enjoyed the time we had together while K & B were at school last year.

So, Emery is my youngest, but my oldest one to start preschool at three years old.  Today was the BIG day!



She was SO ready for me to drop her off today. (She’s not crying, it’s just really bright!)


She was even more excited when she saw the table all ready to go with play-doh!


I can’t wait to see Emery grow and mature this year.  I love this little girl so much, but it’s time for me to let her spread her wings a little.  I’m also pumped about what this will mean for me—I’ll have eight hours each week where I can use my time for WHATEVER I want.  Here are the things on my list:

  • temple (definitely haven’t been going as often as I should—especially since it’s 5 minutes away!)
  • volunteer in K & B’s classrooms
  • kid-free exercise
  • errands
  • massage/pedicure

Okay, that last one will probably never happen, but I can dream!  It is beautiful outside right now, so I think I’ll go out for a run WITHOUT the jogging stroller!  What a luxury!


Nollie said...


Our lists of things to do with our free time are almost exactly the same. I want to go to the temple more and have a pedicure scheduled for while Lucy's at playgroup this Friday. Enjoy your kidless hours!

The Dahle Family said...

Emery looks so cute and so old! Hazel was on my lap when I looked at this and she started blowing kisses at Emery when she saw the pics. I can't imagine that she actually remembers Emery, but she must be able to tell she's a lovable girl!

Mirien said...

Such cute pictures of Emery! And she's barely three, so I had to laugh at the title that said FINALLY. I'm sure she'll love it, but I guess I'm just not a preschool convert. I know that makes me an oddball. As much as I love me some free time, I can wait a little longer. It's already been almost 18 years, what's a couple more?

Mirien said...

Sorry. My comment sounded judgemental--I didn't mean it that way. I think kids can turn out great with or without preschool! And a happy mom makes for happier children, right?

Marliese said...

What a cutie! It's fun when your kids get SOOO excited about doing things...

merathon said...

mirien-- i didn't think your comment sounded judgmental at all so i was surprised when you posted your second comment! to each their own, right? the reason i said "finally" was because we had initially thought she was starting a year ago, but also because she has been asking when she gets to start preschool EVERY SINGLE DAY since she was toilet trained! i was happy to finally be able to tell her "today is the day!"

Sarah said...

That is an exciting day! Sounds pretty nice- having 8 hours a week to yourself. Enjoy!

Laura P said...

Wow - I remember when she was born, bringing a meal to your family and staying with her (briefly) while she napped on the floor while you ran to do the preschool pick-up. A big milestone when your youngest starts preschool (all four of mine are at school right now!).

jessi said...

She looks so tall!!! And I can hardly believe how much older she looks than when you left. Crazy! Norah has been begging me to let her go to preschool every morning when I drop off Eddie. It's to the point where even though we haven't planned on sending her until she's four (like we did with the boys) we just may consider it next year when she's three. Oh - and on an unrelated note - I love your haircut! :)