Monday, September 5, 2011

long overdue

I hadn’t gotten a haircut since May 2010.  Yes, I said two thousand and TEN.  Stupid, I know, but I had to come to grips with the fact that I couldn’t go to my girl in Charlotte anymore and I finally got up the guts to find a new stylist here in Colorado since my hair was absolutely KILLING me.  It is SO much better now!


I explained to the new girl exactly what I wanted and exactly what I DIDN’T want.  As soon as she finished and I looked in the mirror, I knew she totally GOT me.  Then she said, “Don’t you feel like yourself again?”  YES!  Long hair definitely drags me down and it’s just NOT me.  It might be hard to tell in this picture but it is MUCH shorter than it was.  The back of my hair hits right at the base of my neck and then it angles toward the front so it is a couple inches longer in front.  It’s very layered, which you also can’t tell in the picture.  Hopefully I like it just as much when I wear it curly!  Can’t wait to play around with it a little!

110905-214031Here you can see how the back is shorter than the front.


The Dahle Family said...

Those are both after shots, right? I don't quite remember how long your hair had gotten, so I think I need a before shot for comparison. I like the layers and how the back is just enough shorter in the front. Very sheek. (That's not how you spell that, is it?) That is great that you found a stylist who listens and knows how to make your description a reality. I wanna see a curly shot when you do it curly. And remember how you have a gorgeous smile? Yeah, why the long faces in the just Mer shots? :) Say cheeeeese. You can do it!

merathon said...

monette-- don't you know you're NOT supposed to smile in shots like that? they are both after shots, but for some reason, my hair doesn't look as short in those pictures as it does in real life. it's not SHORT SHORT, but short enough to notice a big difference. look at the post of me on my birthday for a little comparison.

Nollie said...

Love the hair and the angle - you look fierce!

The Dahle Family said...

I checked back to the birthday pic and I can see that it is quite a bit shorter. You sound like me, going over a year without a haircut! I went my whole mission without one! And thanks for cluing me in, I had no idea you weren't supposed to smile in after shots. I thought the frown was for before shots so you can look WOW so much better in the after shot when you put on makeup and smile! Shows how much this little sister knows! :) I miss you!

emilyaaa said...

i love your haircut! and those pics don't even begin to do it justice! if Kyrsten can't cut my hair SOON, i'm gonna need the name and number of your new lady!! so cute!!!!