Sunday, September 4, 2011


Here’s what our backyard looks like with that massive deck gone.  We knew there was a concrete patio under it, but weren’t sure exactly how big it was.  Now that we’ve seen what we have to work with, we came up with a plan for our new patio. 


Here’s where I got my inspiration:

Before And After

You can see they started out with a concrete slab just like we have, and they put their brick pavers right over the top of it and extended the existing patio a bit to change the shape from a rectangle to a semi-circle.  Hopefully ours works out just as well. . .

*The only thing I’m using from this inspiration photo is the patio itself—not the landscaping, privacy screens, or furniture (although I do like that dining set)!

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Marliese said...

That will be a huge improvement. I bet it will look awesome. Can't wait to come visit and lounge on your new outdoor living space.