Sunday, September 4, 2011

my boy


I know I’m not the only mom whose kids get a little cuckoo right before bed.  Tonight as we were getting ready to say prayers, Berkeley put Patrick’s BYU hat on sideways and said in a low, rap-style voice, “I’m a BOY, I’m a BOY, I’m a BOY from BYU!”

Kendall took one look at her and said, “Then why are you wearing a nightgown?”

Without skipping a beat, Berkeley replied, “I’m a BOY, I’m a BOY, I’m a weird BOY from BYU!”

And at that, we all burst out laughing!  I said, “This is going on my blog!” so, of course, Berkeley wanted me to take a video to post as well.  For your viewing pleasure:


Marliese said...

We loved the video...what a funny girl/boy. I think Berk's got some rhythm.

mkt said...

Sometimes she looks so much like Jan it's crazy! Such a cute girl:)

The Dahle Family said...

X & E wanted to watch that video over and over. We sure miss you guys! And you take such good pictures!!! That one of Berkeley just captures her so well! I LOVE it. She has such a beautiful face, doesn't she? Xander says she does NOT look like a boy. As some random lady told me when Xander was a baby, "he's too beautiful to be a boy."

Mandy said...

Sounds to me like she's taken some lessons from Patrick ... something about Dr. Pepper??? Love to all!