Friday, November 25, 2011

turkey trotters

Patrick and I continued our tradition of running a Thanksgiving morning turkey trot, and since we were in Utah visiting my sister’s family, we dragged our 15 year old nephew Evan along with us as well!

turkey trot 2011

Even though it was only a 5K, I was kind of nervous about the race for a couple of reasons.  First of all,  even though I work out regularly in other ways, I don’t run much at all anymore because it does miserable things to my knees.  (I think I have run three times in the last three months.)  In addition to that, anybody who knows me well knows that I am NOT a fan of the cold, so an 8:00 am start time in November in Utah did not sound ideal to me.  So basically, I was kind of dreading the run, but was doing it to keep with our tradition and because I wanted to run with Patrick.  Thankfully, it actually turned out better than I thought and I ended up getting 5th in my age group!  Patrick got 9th in his and Evan slaughtered both of us.  He’s on his high school cross country team and took 10th overall!

The rest of our Thanksgiving was spent cooking, eating, chatting, and playing games with tons of family!  Is there any better way to spend the holiday?  Can’t believe our week long vacation is almost over and we fly back to Denver early tomorrow morning!

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The Dahle Family said...

Good job, guys! I am very impressed that you ran even 5K, Meredith. I don't run for the same reasons--my knees don't like me when I do! Sure sounds like a fun holiday! Wish we coulda been there!