Sunday, December 4, 2011

O Christmas tree!

We flew home from Utah the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving.  On our way home from the airport, Patrick suggested that we go pick out a tree.  Normally I am the one who is the most anxious to get the tree up, but I kinda wanted to get home and unpack before I thought about decorating the house.  After a much-needed nap and a trip to Costco, I was back in the spirit.  We picked out our tree in record time and I think it may be our best one yet.



Behold the Noble fir:


I love a freshly decorated house!









I am so much more in love with how the final result turned out this year.  That’s a little strange, since I didn’t buy even one new thing!  Maybe part of it has to do with the projects we had done since last Christmas, like the new floors and the freshly painted walls.  All the decorations just look THAT much better against a fresh canvas!


beck said...

loving it! The problem I find with decorating for holidays is that having blue walls in our living room really throws off being ok with red christmas decor. I don't know that I'll ever paint my walls anything but a neutral color because of that. Its the same for any holiday really except for white and black and metallics. Thus I tend to create more of a "white christmas" around here. That and I hate spending money on holiday decorations. I am loving your nativity sets. I am having the hardest time finding any I like that aren't too generic. I want one that is kid friendly. Please don't tell me those are one of a kinds or antiques and no longer available. Any good sources? The house is looking good!

Maren said...

beautiful job! i also wanted to know about your nativity set. i want a kid friendly one that doesn't look like fisher price. i got one that was inexpensive that i let the kids play with but now it is getting chipped and needs replacing!

Melinda said...

nice meredith! mind if i "borrow" your pictures and post about "my" house and "my" decorations? seriously you live in a magazine! are those canes by the front door? do you collect canes? is that a christmas decoration, or year-round?
oh, and i recognize one of your ornaments. the little wooden figure of a girl sitting on a bunk bed. we had that one! each one of us has her own little wooden figure. did our parents get them at the same time? do you know the story? mine is a girl on a slide.
wish we could visit!

Sarah said...

Everything looks beautiful! I'm kind of jealous of that tree. We decided to just make do with our wimpy little fake tree this year. It's nice, but definitely not like what I grew up with- trees more like yours. Your home really is beautiful, and the perfect backdrop for all of your decorations. I love the gray!

merathon said...

stacy and maren-- okay, don't be mad, but i don't know where to buy the child nativity anymore! i got it online about 8 years ago from Marshall Field's before they went out of business. i don't know the name of it, so i can't find the exact same one, but here are a few i found that i thought were pretty cute. the wooden block one you could even make yourself! print off some pictures and mod-podge them on some wood!

the other one i bought from Deseret Book online, but i haven't seen it there since. i just did an online search for it and it looks like the only place you can get the whole set now is on ebay, but it's actually going for a great price. i got it for half off since i bought it right after Christmas a couple years ago and the price on ebay is even cheaper than what i paid for it, plus it comes with a set of 3 trees as well! (might make up for the expensive shipping!)

merathon said...

melinda-- all five of us girls each got one of those wooden girl ornaments one year as well. mine was the bunkbed (obviously) and i remember that melayna's was the slide like yours! our parents must have coordinated that!

sarah-- i guess i failed to mention that even though it's our best tree ever, i think we paid the least we've ever paid for one! it was just $40 at home depot! you could get a real tree without breaking the bank!

Jenny said...

I can't wait to be able to decorate my own house. I ended up leaving half of my usual decorations in the boxes this year. And...having a decorated tree is near impossible with a 19 month old and a cat.

jessi said...

Everything looks beautiful! Seriously... everything! :)

Laura P said...

wow - I'm feeling festive just looking at all your beautiful decorations! I particularly love your advent "count-down" votives!

The Dahle Family said...

usually I'm not too sure about your farce of a fireplace, but for Christmas time, it sure completes the perfectly-decorated-for Christmas look! I have to agree that your house looks like it came out of a magazine--totally picture perfect! That REAL tree really is a beauty this year! With a house that ready for Christmas, looks like you'll be hosting the holiday festivities with (nearly) the whole gang this year!

jan said...

We want to come to your house for Christmas. The red sofas are so perfect with everything. And the tree is amazing. And the nativity sets, and the mantles, and the wall by the front door. You have done a great job with everything. Not only does the house look great, but your photography work is amazing. Pat yourself on the back, young lady. love you

Marliese said...

Uh,'ve totally outdone yourself this time. Magazine-caliber is right. It's makes my feeble attempts at decorating my house look pitiful! You have a gift!

meredith said...

I LOVE the house. And the decorations. I need to come see it in person!

merathon said...

mere-- COME see it in person! we would love it!