Friday, December 9, 2011

Hey, Santa

We were going to dinner with friends when we had a Santa sighting.  There happened to be NO line, so we walked right up.  Kendall and Berkeley were excited to see him.  I loved that there was no photographer that came along with this Santa—they actually wanted you to bring your own camera and take pictures instead of paying through the nose for some!







We couldn’t get Emery within 20 feet.  She told me later that she only likes Santa when he’s nice.  This Santa was pretty sweet, so I’m not sure what that means!  K & B just loved that they got a little more interaction with Santa than last year.  Remember this?


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meredith said...

Way better Santa this year. I love the hugs. Your girls look so dang cute. Miss them. And you of course. And Pat. And Santa.