Saturday, April 14, 2012

step by step

We have progress!  All of the new wood has been laid in the hallway and the new upstairs railings are mostly installed.  Half of the new stair treads have been put in as well.  Next will be finishing the stair treads, finishing the upstairs railings and then installing all of the lower railings, then sanding, staining, and painting!



Here’s what it looked like before he put the new upper railings in—a little scary if you were to mis-step!DSC_0931

He left the old upper posts and built our new more modern posts right around them.  Obviously, they’re not finished yet. . .DSC_0935


The work is on hold right now because our guy had a family vacation planned. Work will resume on the 23rd, so no more updates until then!


Morgan said...

Your blog is my new favorite HGTV show. It's lookin' good.

Mirien said...

You don't just talk about projects, you actually make them happen. It takes me so long just to do the simplest things!

jan said...

I can't say it any better than Morgan and Mirien. Nice work!