Friday, April 27, 2012

stair update

We started with this:



This morning it was looking like this:



And now it’s looking like this (notice the change?):




Still a ways to go, but I’m liking the way it’s turning out!  I am extremely glad I stuck with my gut on moving the posts back one step, even though I was told by a couple people that I shouldn’t or couldn’t do it.  The entryway feels so much more open!  I am also really happy with the way the simple but classic trim turned out on the posts.  They look just like my inspiration posts!  Next week it will be sanding, staining, and painting!


Steph said...

looks great! yes we are back in cville to have this baby girl! Can't wait to NOT be pregnant anymore - carrying a girl is SO MUCH HARDER than my boys! been really really awful - the WHOLE time! but we are excited and then in June probably will be moving again! (not sure if back to Cali or somewhere else - but somewhere!) I know, we are hard to keep track of! Denver seems awesome - wish we were moving there! :0

Paul said...

Very cool! And I like that you stuck by your original idea to keep the posts higher up.

Sarah said...

That was me not Paul...

Molly said...

Looking great! Oh how I hate carpet on stairs! I wish I could get Lincoln on board for tearing ours out. He's afraid too much cold air will come up from the basement if we remove the carpet. I really don't care. It's impossible to keep clean!

merathon said...

molly-- our basement is actually the warmest part of our house in the winter, so i wouldn't mind if some of that air made its way through those stairs!