Thursday, May 17, 2012

last day of school

Emery finished her first year of preschool today.  My little girl is growing up.  Even just from these two pictures you can see she is losing the baby look!  (I’m not sure why she likes putting her arms behind her for pictures!)  And what kind of mean mom always makes her daughter look into the sun?

first day last day

She’s pretty sad that school is over for the year and keeps telling me how much she’s going to miss her teacher.



Emery had such a great year and I think she loved that she was going to school  just like her big sisters!  She has made such progress—she can now recognize all her letters and write many of them, including her name.  She knows all her letter sounds, so I think we will try to work on a little reading this summer.  She can count to 39 with no help and to 100 with a few prompts.  At the beginning of the year, we were wondering if she would need a little speech therapy, but we decided to hold off, and she has made huge strides in that area as well.  She can now say all of her letter sounds correctly except for the dreaded “R” sound!

Preschool is great for both of us—it helps her to be more independent and have something that is all her own and it allows me to get a little break to get some things done.  It also makes me enjoy the time we have together even more!  I am so grateful that I am able to stay home and enjoy these years before she is in school all day long!

Kendall & Berkeley’s last day of school is tomorrow. . . and then we are taking off for NYC!

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The Dahle Family said...

Emery is such a sweetie! I miss that girl!! Tell her hi from Aunt Monette!