Thursday, May 24, 2012

end of school vacation—part 4

Patrick had to get back to Denver but the rest of us stayed a couple more days.

Lunch and shopping with grandma is always fun. . .


. . . but the big event of the day was The Lion King!  The show didn’t start till 8:00 pm, so Berkeley and Emery had naps to make sure they’d last for the whole show.  Kendall reminded us that she NEVER gets tired, so she declined a nap.



Emery was a little unsure when it started and all the animals started coming down the aisles just a few feet away from her.  She almost started crying but I reassured her that they were actually people inside and not a real rhinoceros and giraffe, etc.  By the intermission, I think she was a little tired of sitting and said she was ready to go home!  She did end up really liking it, but not as much as K & B who were mesmerized the entire time.  It’s such a great show—my second time seeing it!

Thanks, Grandma Jan & Grandpa Paul!  In spite of some rain, we had a wonderful time in NYC!

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