Wednesday, May 23, 2012

end of school vacation—part 3

In the many times we’ve been to NYC, we had never taken the girls to an art museum.  Now that they were all a little older, we thought we’d live on the wild side and take them to the MOMA.


This one was cool because up close, we couldn’t tell what it was, but as we stepped back we could see a woman start to appear and then as we stepped back further, we noticed that she was inside of an ear!


This is Smelly Cat’s runt little brother, Skinny Cat.


This one reminded me of our house with three girls crowding around the piano. . . minus the violin!


The girls loved a lot of the paintings and made me take pictures of many of them so they could come home and try to recreate them.  On the rooftop of the museum was a cool mirrored sculpture that they had a lot of fun with.





And the view from up there was superb—Central Park in the forefront with the buildings just beyond.


All in all, K, B, and E gave the museum two thumbs up, although Kendall could have done without all the naked statues. . .  you should have seen the horror on her face!

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