Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vaughn is gone

Patrick and I have a great friend.  His name is Vaughn.  Patrick has known him since his sophomore year in high school and I have known him since Patrick and I started dating fifteen years ago.  We haven’t lived in the same city as Vaughn since we left Utah over eleven years ago. . . and then a year after we left Charlotte, Vaughn and his wife moved there.  Worst timing EVER.  So, we were so excited when he called us a few months ago to say that he had a conference in Denver for a couple days in August and that he wanted to come out early to hang out with us.  Anybody who knows Vaughn knows that everything is just better when he is around. . . and if you look at the girls’ faces in these pictures that I took while he was here, you’ll see that they wholeheartedly agree.





He was the best sport about letting the girls use him as their beauty parlor guinea pig!






And when it was time to say goodbye, they didn’t want to let go of him!






We packed it in during the 38 hours he was here. We went to soccer practice, jumped on the trampoline, took him to see the temple, tied up the loose ends of our school shopping, went to our favorite new park to play and picnic, and went on a walk to Menchie’s for a treat.  Then Vaughn taught the girls a few things out on the tennis court since he used to be a tennis coach, and when Patrick arrived home from work, we all went to our neighborhood Mex place for dinner.

Now Vaughn is gone and we are all feeling the void.  We hope it is not another two years before we get to see Vaughn again and hopefully we get to see his wife Margaret next time as well!


Unknown said...

I'm honored to have made the blog. Remembering all the fun times in Denver helped me smile through a hectic week. Thanks for the love and hospitality!

Erin said...

we LOVE Vaughn! How fun that you got to host him for a week.

Kerry and Dave said...

Vaughn!!! I haven't seen Vaughn since I was living in Vegas umpteen years ago and I agree - everything is more fun when Vaughn is around :)

Jen said...

Ohhh! I haven't read your blog in forever--I need to put it on my reader--but I was just wondering the other day what ever happened to Vaughn, and here he is! YAY! So glad to see his happy, wonderful face. :)